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Those words were moaned to me by my son on day 5 of our Paris adventure. My young daughter chimed in, “I want to go home!”

In the Trocadero Fountains overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

I couldn`t believe my ears. For the past days, we`ve walked by the Eiffel Tower from so many different directions, played at the super playground adjacent to the Parc du Champ de Mars, splashed into the fountains at the Trocadero, visited the Branley Museum (where my daugher walked right into a glass-encased display and cut her lip),  sauntered over the dazzling Alexandre III bridge, along the Seine to Place de la Concorde, where a magnificent, pink obelisk stood, and through the Tuilieres garden, and today we just reached the old grand railway station, now converted to the Musee d`Orsay, before finishing our walk to shopping mecca, Les Halles. The weather`s been great. The views exhilarating. But my kids are 6 and 3. They need more stimulation than just walking from tourist site to tourist site.

The waterfall/river of words at the Branley museum. The only interactive display that was interesting to my kids.

So on days when nothing is planned, we do our exploratory walk and try to find a playground to keep them busy and happy. I am reminded of what friends of a friend had mentioned when vacationing with very young children,`It`s like doing a tour of all the playgrounds.`  It`s so true.