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The sign reads, "I like my neighbourhood. I pick up..." But I've never seen anyone like their neighbourhood...

Having lived here for almost a year, I have resigned to accepted the ill-responsible attitude of the French dog-owners who don’t pick up after their beloved pets which have just done their “number twos” on the sidewalks. With about 200,000 dogs trotting around the city, there is a lot of “les crottes” (=”droppings”) to sidestep, which is never easy when you are gazing (up) at all of the wonderful monuments or yummy pâtisserie shop windows. But TWICE last month, in unrelated events, I SAW SOMEONE PICKING UP AFTER HIS/HER DOG!!! It has taken me 9 months to witness such a crucial event in the streets of Paris. You have no idea how much I wanted to go up to that person and congratulate him/her for being considerate. (But that would be weird, plus coming from a foreigner, perhaps taken the wrong way.)

Now, if we can just get some signs with men on them using the FREE public washrooms that line the boulevards! Yes!! I’ve witnessed men (not homeless either, and one man’s girlfriend too) do “number ones” in public streets — one man on my own street-door entrance when my family arrived to the unexpected show. Ahh-la-la!!  (said instead of ooh-la-la, because something definitely desperate is happening.)

This free public toilet is literally a stone's throw away from my front door. It even self-cleans after each user!