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This lovely rock was photographed on Juno Beach while on vacation in Normandy, late April.

Yes, I know. It’s been a very long time since I posted a blog. But I am running out of time. Visitors have come and gone. Spring vacation for the kids came in April. A quick jump to England for a couple of days in May. Then this past holiday long weekend was due to Ascension Day landing on a Thursday.

Daddy is sunstroked, Mummy is losing control and this kid needs to be seen BUT NOT HEARD (while her partner-in-crime is recording their public antics.)

We’ve been busy and I haven’t had the organizational skills to post. We’ve just spent four days in La Rochelle (“Little Rock”) on holiday from Paris but it turned out to be another “working holiday” because my kids have entered a stage of not listening-to-my-parents-blah blah blahAnd there we are, looking like those stereotypical loud non-French parents with uncontrollable, loud children, having public meltdowns. So, in a way, I am looking forward to returning to Canada at the end of June, where my kids can be unrepetantly loud without retributive evil glares, “ooh-la-la” commentary, and shameful-looking parents.  (Perhaps I am being too self-conscious about our family in France…? Nahh.)

Daddy needing a vacation from his vacation.