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Fall colours a’coming in October. You can’t get that in Paris (France), just brown leaves.

Crazybusytiredoctober. It is over. I am overwhelmed. I tried to catch up. The fall colours came in like a phoenix the first week in October and burned with fiery for another week before cascading into a dulled heap of warmed over dying leaves. I really missed that beautiful autumn glory when in France last year. It just doesn’t happen in Europe — leaves there just turn a sad yellow or brown. So it’s good to soak it up once again now that we have returned to Canuckland.

Turkey crafts come home for Thanksgiving. Savour it. I think it stops in grade 1.

The first holiday after Labour Day in September is Thanksgiving Day, which is the second Monday in October in Canada. We Canadians celebrate it earlier than our American neighbours but the same bird is still honoured in both countries: the turkey. When I think back to Paris last year and what my daughter brought home from maternelle (preschool-kindergarten) to acknowledge a nation-wide festivity, it was Epiphany.

Clarisse brought home a “galette des rois” made at school. French kids learn the significance of King’s cakes, North American children learn about turkeys…

Now it is Halloween and I find it such a fun and exciting time for the kids AND adults. We truly missed it in Paris, which is slowly trying to figure out what all the fuss is about (a few pubs hold Halloween costume nights led by ex-pats and the English bookstore WHSmith led a trick-or-treat event near its ritzy location across from the Tuileries (Garden) and Place Vendôme. Treats from the Hotel Ritz, anyone?!) Because everyone lives in apartments with coded front entrances, trick-or-treating in the city would be difficult, never mind the jack-o-lanterns and scary decorations. It is not a French celebration. So it is good to be back in Toronto. My kids have looked forward to this evening for a long time…

Lighting the jack-o-lantern pumpkins to signal that our house is ready to give out candy! (I love to carve pumpkins.)

My winter princess and French soldier (a musketeer no less) ready to trick-or-treat in the wet and cold evening.

Skeletons, rats, head, caution tape. This decorated house is too scary to visit in the daytime! (Gravestones in front yard not shown.)

Happy Halloween everybody!